How your web site is set out, what colors, fonts and pictures you utilize (or do not use) will mean the distinction between success (low bounce and exit rates, high conversion) and failure (high abandonment, low sales).

Want to make sure that guests can exit your web site shortly once landing there? make certain to create it troublesome for them to seek out what it’s they’re longing for. need to urge folks to remain on your web site longer and click on on or obtain stuff? Follow these thirteen internet style tips.

1. Have a cultured, skilled logo–and link it to your home page. “Your emblem is a vital a part of your complete, therefore check that it’s situated conspicuously on your website,” says artist Monhollon, senior content selling manager at on-line seller Reach Local. “Use a high-resolution image and have it within the higher left corner of every of your pages,” she advises. “Also, it is a sensible rule of thumb to link your emblem back to your home page so guests will simply navigate thereto.”

2.Use intuitive navigation. “Primary navigation choices area unit generally deployed in a very horizontal [menu] bar on the highest of the positioning,” says Brian Gatti, a partner with Inspire Business ideas, a digital selling company. offer “secondary navigation choices beneath the first navigation bar, or within the [left-hand] margin of the positioning, referred to as the sidebar.”

Why is intuitive navigation therefore important? “Confusing navigation layouts can end in folks quitting a page instead of attempting to work it out,” Gatti says. therefore rather than golf stroke links to more modest pages–that reduce from your decision to action or primary information–at the highest of your home or landing pages, place “less vital links or items of data at all-time low of a page within the footer.”

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3. Get eliminate litter. “It’s terribly simple lately to be visually full with pictures, to the purpose wherever our brains stop process data once confronted with too several choices,” explains Paolo Vidali, senior digital selling deviser, DragonSearch, a digital selling agency.

To keep guests on your website, “make positive pages don’t have competitory calls to action or visual litter [e.g., voluminous graphics, pictures or animated gifs] that might draw the visitor’s eyes off from the foremost vital a part of the page.” To any keep litter down on landing pages, “consider limiting the links and choices within the header and footer to slim the main target even any,” he says.

Another tip to streamlining pages: “Keep paragraphs short,” says Ian Lurie, chief executive officer of web selling company prodigy, Inc. “On most internet sites, one paragraph ought to be no over 5 to 6 lines.”

4. offer guests elbow room. “Create enough area between your paragraphs and pictures therefore the viewer has area to breathe and is additional able to absorb all of the options your website and business got to supply,” says Hannah sociologist, graphic designer, Coalition Technologies, {a web|an internet|an on-line} style and online selling agency.

“Controlling white area through layout can keep users targeted on the content and management user flow,” adds Paul Novoa, founder and chief executive officer at Novoa Media. “With lots of visual competition going down on the online and on mobile, less is additional. dominant white area can improve user expertise, increasing returns from the web site.”

5. Use color strategically. mistreatment “a largely neutral color palette will facilitate your website project a sublime, clean and fashionable look,” says Mark Hoben, the pinnacle of internet style at Egencia, the business travel division of the Expedia cluster, United Nations agency is additionally a believer in mistreatment color showing wisdom. “Employing little dashes of color–for headlines or key graphics–helps guide guests to your most vital content,” he explains.

It is conjointly vital to use a color palette that enhances your emblem and is in line with your alternative selling materials.

6. Invest in sensible, skilled photography. “Website guests will smell out generic photos in a very second–and they’re going to be left with a generic impression of your company,” warns Zane Schwarzlose, community relations director, Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit selling. “Your company is not generic. therefore show your guests that by finance in skilled photography.”

“We powerfully advocate that our shoppers invest in skilled photography or purchase skilled stock photos,” says Gatti. sensible pictures “draw the attention, providing associate degree emotional association to the written content.” Poor quality pictures or pictures that don’t have anything to try and do along with your message, on the opposite hand, area unit worse than having no pictures.

Bonus photography tip: “If you would like to draw attention to a specific piece of content or a signup button, embody a photograph of an individual watching the content,” suggests Elie Khoury, founder and chief executive officer of Woopra, that provides period clients and visitors analytics. “We area unit straightaway drawn to faces of alternative humans–and once we see that face looking’ at one thing, our eyes area unit instinctively drawn there also.”

7. select fonts that area unit simple to scan across devices and browsers. once selecting fonts, confine mind that individuals are going to be watching your web site not simply on a portable computer however on mobile devices. “Some large-scaled fonts could scan well on [a laptop monitor], however not scale or render well on mobile, losing the required look and feel,” explains Novoa. therefore he advises employing a universal font.

“Pick a fount which will be simply scan and size it no but 11pt,” says Ethan Giffin, CEO, Groove Commerce. “If you are mistreatment internet fonts, try and use no over 2 font families so as to make sure quick load times,” he says.

“If you are employing a fixed-width style, use a font size that permits a most of fifteen to twenty words per line,” adds Lurie. “If you are employing a fluid style, use a font size that permits fifteen to twenty words per line at 900 to a thousand pixels wide.”

8. style each page as a landing page. “Most websites have a style that assumes a user enters through the house page and navigates into the positioning,” says archangel freewoman, senior manager, Search & Analytics, ShoreTel, Inc., that provides hosted VoIP, cloud PBX service and business phone systems. “The reality, though, is that the bulk of visits for many sites begin on a page that’s not the house page,” he says. Therefore, you wish to style the positioning in such the way that no matter page a traveller lands on, key data is there.

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9. Respect the fold. once asked for his or her high style tips, the majority the online designers queried straightaway said: place your decision to action within the higher portion of your web site, at the side of your number and/or email address (if you would like customers to decision or email you). relating to home page pictures, “I advocate going against full-width sliders and encourage sliders or set pictures that cowl common fraction of the dimension permitting a contact type to be on top of the fold,” says Aaron Watters, director, Leadhub, an internet site style and SEO company.

10. Use responsive design–that mechanically adapts to however the positioning is being viewed. “Rather than developing a website for every device, a responsive website is intended to adapt to the browser size,” creating for an improved user expertise, says Jayme Pretzloff, on-line selling director, Wixon Jewelers. And an improved user expertise generally interprets into longer spent on your website and better conversion rates.

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11. Forget Flash. “Thanks partly to the continued dispute between Adobe and Apple, the times of Flash as an online commonplace area unit slowly coming back to an in depth, therefore why continue the bandwagon once there area unit alternative choices that area unit far more internet and user friendly?” asks Darrell Benatar, chief executive officer of Instead, use HTML5, he says. “HTML5 is gaining additional support on the online, with search-engine friendly text and therefore the ability to operate on several of the favored mobile operational systems while not requiring a plug-in. an equivalent cannot be aforesaid for Flash.”

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12. do not forget concerning buttons “The ‘Submit’ or ‘Send’ button at all-time low of an online type may be the ugliest a part of an internet site,” says Watters. therefore he encourages designers {to make|to type|to create} form submission buttons “so appealing guests can not help themselves. they only got to click it.” additionally, “when a visitor hovers over your submit button, it ought to modification color, gradient, opacity or font treatment,” he says.

13. check your style. “Whether you’re attempting completely different|completely different} placements for a decision to action or perhaps testing different reminder a color, web site optimisation will create a giant impact to your bottom line,” states Lindsey Marshall, production director, clay Interactive, associate degree Atlanta-based interactive selling agency. “A user expertise manager at Bing once remarked that Microsoft generated a further $80 million in annual revenue simply by testing and implementing a particular shade of blue!”